Newly Speckled, Freshly Spotted

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Newly Speckled, Freshly Spotted
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The priorities we choose create contrast in the world we perceive. What you emphasize stands out against the rest, perceived spots overlaid on the truly uninterrupted and contiguous world. These spots move as the seas of form shift. These spots also move when your beliefs and choices shift. In this way, the world is always newly speckled. In this way, you can “wake up” at any time and notice just how absolutely everything is brand new. Wherever you are, you’ve never been exactly there before.

Yesterday, we changed nap time for our youngest – the tribe has to get up earlier now that my oldest has started kindergarten. As I rocked her to sleep in my worn and crumbling lazy chair as I frequently do, I watched House, M.D. for the first time. My son has started a new school, but was in a different one at a different time before. I rocked my daughter as I usually do, but with a different backdrop because of the shifting tides. Newly speckled, freshly spotted.

Today, as I meditated out on the wide railing in front of our house as I normally do, I was nuzzled by one of our pets. Although we have seven dogs on the property, I assumed it was our ancient and beloved cat. When I arose, I found our chihuahua Maya resting easily against me instead. No such wave of love ever broke against the shore before. Newly speckled, freshly spotted.

Sometimes, if we’re comfortable, we futilely seek stasis in the seas of form. Even if we keep the eternal in our mind’s eye as we should, the stillness and silence at the ground of consciousness do not maintain a single form. The forms taken by spirit turn and tumble as leaves caught in an updraft. There is no joy or bliss in trying to freeze the running waters. The joy and bliss lie in the moving tides. Let the sea breath gently or churn violently as it likes. Both the warm summer day and the chill winter night show their beauty to an open eye.

If the world looks shrouded in darkness, you’ve made too many spots – stop and pull some of the priorities and ideals out of your eye. You are the painter of spots. You choose the speckles that adorn the liquid canvas.

Blink and look again! All the world is made anew. Newly speckled with beauty, freshly spotted with bliss!

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