Not Another Gratitude Post

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Programming Life: Not Another Gratitude Post
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No, not another gratitude post. As the dawn creeps into the land, solitary birds wing overhead. Something rustles in the bushes, and cool breezes caress the fields. In all the magic and mystery, in all this beauty and here in our garden, let us not pay homage to the habits of society with another gratitude post.

Today many wake to the bustle of annual family festival. The ritual prescription is to pay special thanks on this day, but if that’s a worthy prescription we must take the medicine every day. Let us not be more grateful today than another, and if we’re not grateful enough today let’s be more grateful tomorrow.

This is a day of consumption no less than tomorrow. Today many will offer up a small thanks and then fill their guts to bursting; tomorrow they will go and spend every cent they have on material goods they don’t need to fill the guts of their houses. We can be grateful for our daily bread without gorging or trampling shoppers.

Do not think of feasts and Native Americans without Standing Rock.

Do not think of turkeys without the cruelty involved in their annual slaughter.

And tomorrow? Resist the special sales and deals of Black Friday. Remember Mother Earth and help us cultivate Blue Friday.

No, not another gratitude post. The societal medicine is false, the physician betrays us. No medicinal rituals for such as us, not here, not anymore. Today is a day of refusing the balm and reformulating community.

There is magic and mystery in the land, there is warmth and love in our community and gathering families. But these wondrous things are here every day, and the altar of our hearts are not adorned with spirit just in the holiday seasons. Consumerism’s evocation of spirit is a Hallmark card sent by a secretary.

Gather your loved ones and hug them, as you do every day. Give thanks to the Beloved, as you do every day. Then stand tall, and refuse the cynical physician. Now we make new festivals in the Garden. Today is our new holiday of support for the original peoples. Today is our new holiday of awareness of our failed stewardship of the animal companions we were meant to care for and protect. Tomorrow is our new holiday of cleaning and caring for our planet in refusal of consumerism and oblivion in shopping.

Not another gratitude post. No, a revolution post.

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