On Your Way

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Programming Life: On Your Way
photo by John Fielding
[CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Hey there, I’ve just heard that you’re on your way! How marvelous! I know the feeling. That delicious sense of great invisible shifts happening all around you. Hidden giants are rearranging mountains for you, and a new path is unfolding! It’s happening, you’re happening, and the world is bright and new! I’ve just heard and wanted to let you that my heart is gladdened by it.

What’s that, you say that you were on your way but aren’t anymore? Now the world is troubled and dark, and your expectations are striking your heart with blackened fists? How simply terrible. I know that feeling too. No matter which way you walk, you stumble. Thorns and thickets, storms and thunder. Well, take heart, my friend. Because, even though you might think me unkind, I have to tell you it always comes back around. Even when the seas are stormy, you’re on your way back to that feeling of being on your way! It’s true, trite though it might feel just now.

Go and sit for a while. Look for somewhere outside where you won’t be much disturbed – a field, a dry riverbed, whatever you can find. My favorite spot to meditate is on top of a broad fence in front of my house, but today I sat at the base of a boulder like a child at his father’s feet. You were with me there, although I couldn’t touch you. Did you feel the cool stone at our backs?

Just close your eyes once you find your field, and let the stifled breaths and scary thoughts dance for a while. Don’t dance with them, just watch. They’re little grumpy guests, and once they have their fun they’ll dry up and blow away. And then, once you open your eyes and the world is freshly painted for you again, you just might, maybe, be back on your way!

And if not, well, that’s not so bad. When you’re on your way, you’re headed back to the ominous clouds and limping step. It goes round and round, you see. You’re either going up or going down, except when you sit there and watch your little mind puppets do their dancing. It’s a great big show you’re putting on for yourself. One day, the show will be over – the lamp will go out. But that’s not so bad either, because it’ll mean you’ll be in the middle of a great big rising dawn. We play with our puppets in the darkness of the night, but dawn’s coming. Then that sun’ll go down, and we’ll play again.

I’m sorry, did that sounds strange and abstract? I don’t know how else to tell you. You’re always on your way or on your way to being on your way. Because you are that on-the-wayness! Why, there’s not even really a path or a puppet show, no heaven or enlightenment to be arrived at or obtained. All these marvelous inventions are the ripples of the ocean of love – your ripples! The vast, deep, luminous, still, and silent beauty you thought you were on your way to is… you! We all just forget sometimes.

I’m glad to see you’re feeling a little better! How marvelous it is to see you again! You’ve went and told your giants to rearrange your mountains again, and here we are back in this little field by this boulder. How grand that boulder is – ancient and wise, weather-worn and cracked. I’m so happy you’re back on your way! That helps me stay on my way, and I think it helps the boulder too. We have the same ways, just like the three of us are all children of this sky. But we don’t need to keep sitting here. Let’s dance in joyous celebration of our way-ness! My heart throbs when your eyes shine like that.

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