One Choice

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In all your free will and life struggle, there’s ultimately just a single thing you’re deciding – just one choice you have to make again and again.

Your first option is fear. If you choose fear, your defense will be attack – which is the mastery of fear. Fear is the desire to be independent from that eternal fountain of love that Created you. But if you decide to forget, then all of reality, eternity, and the boundless love will be hidden. I call your chooser of fear your ego, but you can call it evil, sin, or the world. Doesn’t matter. We’re talking about the separation.

Your second option is love. If you choose love, there is no need for defense because there is no attack or scarcity. Love is your birthright and your essence, extended to you from your Creator. Love is the acceptance that you did not and cannot create yourself. But if you accept that you will not fulfill your desire to be your Creator, you will remember that God made you the creator of other things. I call your chooser of love your spirit, but you can call it good, grace, or the Holy Spirit. Terms don’t matter for this either. We’re talking about the reunion.

If you choose fear, then this world will be a struggle for safety, fleeting pleasure, and victory over others. Every advance you make will be another collection of things to fear losing. All your aggression can only be toward yourself, you see.

If you choose love, then this world will be about expressions of love and confused requests for love. Everyone is either expressing love or expressing their desire to remember happiness and abundance. And every time you help people, you’ll be healing yourself.

That’s it, just the one choice. Don’t feel rushed. All of time exists just for this.

Much love,

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