Our New Bodies

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By Jessie Eastland (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Each day, we awake with new bodies. These pains you feel, if you’re getting older, are not the “same old pains.” No, they are new – as new as your body, as new as your freshly created mind. As new as the dawn. If you slow way down, you’ll see it.

And our relationships are reborn too, for they are just bodies of a different sort. Our businesses and professions come into new life each day, and our physical homes too. The entire world dies and is reborn as you rise from slumber.

Of late, my physical body has an electric feeling in the bones. Not an excitement, no – at times an overwhelming tingling. My consultancy has also changed to a slower and more measured pace. My writing has changed. All things have changed – but that’s not right. All things are new. For both of us.

We suffer when we cling to our old bodies, whether it be physical, mental, in relationships, or in business. It is not that our new bodies are bad – no, they are just unfamiliar. Strange. But the echoes of the past ring in our heads. Sometimes, we exist as the concentric wave radiating out from the spot where consciousness impacted time. We forget the point of impact and focus on the radiations, when we suffer.

Let us embrace our new bodies! Things are not as you expected, but that’s good… the same old bread would have been stale by now, but the Beloved has given you this day brand new bread. Fresh from the oven of grace! Be less concerned with whether it is rye or pumpernickel than with its resounding, miraculous freshness.

Reconsider your workplace. See anew your political and religious convictions. Smell this new day! Your wife or husband, your children, your pets… the very plants and rocks, all new! Our new bodies are their new bodies, too. All is well now, here at the point of impact, here in our new bodies.

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