Overlooking Gifts

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A winged, blindfolded woman; representing avarice.
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It’s easy to imagine how, if your circumstances were rearranged, you might be happier. Swooping out of your head and looking down on your life like a chess board, you can mentally position the pawns so that your victory is certain. It’s the trivial game of one who feels that he or she knows better than the One.

It’s not so easy, sometimes, to see how your current circumstances have already been rearranged to give you the perfect environment for growth. The life lessons aren’t punishment. All of this is a classroom where you are being patiently, lovingly raised.

And all of this is also your mind, where everything perceived is another aspect of yourself. The world and the mind are the same mirror. When we don’t bring right mind and intention to it, the mirror appears to be clouded with dust and warped with imperfections. Beyond all those thoughts and emotions, though, the image of the One exists – for His Outline is yours.

Just hang on. Through the flood, through the frustration, through the emotional surging and tearing – just hang on, though you might be gasping for breath at the surface of the churning waters. That failed business endeavor, ruined artistic attempt, and unhappy argument are all gifts. All aspects of suffering are gifts offering you a path back into the Kingdom. Every pain is the destruction involved in re-creation. We can’t always see how or why some things are, and that’s okay – ours is not the highest intelligence at work in all this.

It is only misplaced pride of intelligence, supposing we could do better than the One, that leads to overlooking gifts. That blindness leads many to frustrated unhappiness. If you’ve become accustomed to your blessings – if you’ve started to take grace for granted rather than accepting it with gratitude – gaze again at your life with deepest humility. See how you’ve been drenched again and again in grace, in the waters of creation. See how you’re always moving in grace – even and especially right now.

And if you can’t see it, just hang on and don’t let go of your heart. Know that your deepest self cannot be burned by fire or pierced by weapons, know that your striving for something different often leads you into overlooking gifts, and know that where you are is frequently better than where you imagine you want to be. Forget the chessboard view, and come back into the direct experience of your life as a cup that has been prepared for you to drink from.

Keep love in your heart and you’ll see how the land is renewed after the hurricane passes.

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