Potter’s Wheel: Some Announcements

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Potter's Wheel
A man in a bowler hat works at a potter's wheel.
By H. S. Poley, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that the events of life are directed in a meaningful way. If you look at the collisions in your life, how events and people arise and subside, and you keep your heart pointed toward God, you will see it.

Chaos and fear are nothing more than the dust and dents we see when we look in the mirror.

For a long time I thought of going beyond the mere puttering stage of writing and into the full width and breadth of that form of expression. For a long time I worked out the preliminary steps of having my own website consulting business, setting small wheels in motion so that I would be prepared if it was decided that such a road was to lay before me.

But it was not yet time, and I was still being molded, and I happily submitted to the Potter’s wheel.

And then I submitted a post to a wonderful website I monitor every day for links to put on the home page, and they agreed to publish it, and my writing work was acknowledged and validated. It’s not out yet; more information on that soon.

Announcement #1: I am honored and privileged to be featured on the wonderful and inspirational self-improvement website Inspire Me Today, and hope you will keep your eyes peeled for the article.

And, even before the article came out, the news came that the time for me to fully pursue my own business has arrived. More information on that soon too.

Announcement #2: Soon enough, I will be looking for small businesses, bloggers, and non-profits with website problems that I can solve. If that rings any bells, please let me know through Peripheral Sight.

Excitement! Trepidation! I was not waiting with bated breath for these things. The time simply came for them. I may have been brave enough to submit to Inspire Me Today, and I may have had foresight enough to create a web presence for my own business, but both of these came about because I felt guided to do these things. This is how it goes: you put out the work and then you let it completely go, and then in God’s own time they may bear fruit.

Today, I got a call from the ever-helpful LegalZoom that my LLC is official. I submitted that weeks ago, and got the call the day after it became clear that Peripheral Sight is going to become a primary focus for me. Such holy timing! Synchronicity.

I am excited, without a doubt, and I praise the Beloved who so clearly rearranges things in my life. And while some of that praise is thanks for the opportunities now opening up before me, most of it is for those clearly-visible footprints. This is also how it goes: the changing tides and the things they bring are far less important than the Beloved’s hand. Sometimes it hurts to be on the Potter’s wheel, and sometimes it is wonderful, but either way there is no better place to be.

It is high past time that you stop desiring the kiln, dear friends. The fact that you are here shows that your creation is not yet complete. I hope you too see the Potter working in your life and, regardless of what is coming next or when it comes, you stop trying to hurry the process. Turn your heart to the holy light, meditate and try to maintain wakefulness and clarity, and delight in the unfolding.

Much love.

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