A Prayer for Clarity

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Oh, Heavenly Father and Mother! Dearest Illumination of Infinite Space, whether whispering to me as the Starry Goddess Nuit or embracing me with the Loving Manifested of Jesus Christ, I call in whatever manner I may best hear You, my Eternal Beloved.

I offer to You today a prayer for clarity and sight, may be it Your Mercy to hear my words.

Take Off This Blindfold From My Eyes

Take off these blinds and narrow avenues of sight! Cleanse my cluttered eyes of the little specks, elevate me above the shifting tides! In all this rising and subsiding I know Your Breath, I sense Your Tranquil Silence under all this rolling and rumbling. Let me see, if I am worthy!

I pray, let me see past these masks of men to know their deeper truths, and let me see past those truths to see Your Illumined Spark in all that is. I’ve touched the dry landscape and seen it to be a liquid sea of burning souls. Clear off this dross, I plead, and let me see into the deepness.

I pray, let me see past these roiling waves of transitions and rebirthing lives to know the arc and transitions of my soul. Let me see that clarity and cleansing, that ascendance unto You that we so slowly fly! Under the growth and death of things there is a deeper subtle rising; this day I ask for sight of the million gathering firefly lights of man stumbling back into Your Heart.

Take Off This Cage From My Brain

Remove these tiny visions of single growths! Cleanse my mind of tiny tribulations, elevate me above such single journeys, if it be Your Will. In all these efforts I know Your Hand chisels free the dross. I’ve looked inside and seen a liquid sea of burning souls there too! Broaden this tiny perspective that I may know beyond a mortal ego.

I pray, let me be in the world but not bound or based therein. Let me wander the hills and valleys in Your Way, let the tiny concerns of discontented men be ever outside me! In my hands let there be balm for all wounds, in my voice let there be kindness for all ears – and let that balm and kindness be only Yours, forever, let no pride confound Your Gift with myself.

I pray, let me be Your Messenger of freedom… let the hurt ones heal, let the mute ones sing, let the prideful ones turn to You! Let the angry and bitter hearts who cast pain and violence into the world become unbound, let them free themselves of their ghosts and shadowy illusions and come to the light. This day I ask that I become ever mindful of Your Eyes gazing through my own!

Open The Shutters of My Heart

Cast open the windows of my heart! Let me be unbound by the tiny attachments of material worldliness and the struggles of little creatures fighting over scraps of meat, in Your Time. In all these little eyes I know Your Sight, I feel Your Witness ever perceiving the flood of You. That light ever abounding, let it flow through me!

I pray, let me feel the signs and be free of selfishness, and let me radiate Your Bliss under all mortality! In the depths of all turmoil there is Your Kindness, in the depths of all desire there is Your Detachment. In my fear and attachment I’ve sheltered away from you, let my infantile errors be undone.

I pray, let me see the suffering of all things that I may cause harm to none! Let me know the wisdom of compassion and the sweetness of gratitude, always, so that I may be Your Beacon. Under the petty desires and clinging to driftwood is a perfect embrace; this day I ask that Your Light cascade through me to these other wandering souls.

I Pray

Let this prayer for clarity be answered for all seekers of light. Let us be elevated up to You, Lord, when You will have us. Amen.

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