Prologue: What is About

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The Cultivation of Mental, Spiritual, and Material Wealth

Welcome to Programming Life! This blog will be primarily focused on the process of becoming abundant in all areas of life. Apart from parenting, I think most about cultivating happiness.

The home page is going to be primarily a link blog, hopefully updated daily. I’m going through other websites anyway, and I believe those articles I find on other websites that are enjoyable to me might also be enjoyed by you. I will of course write my own posts as well, and quite frequently given my schedule, because if I wasn’t writing I wouldn’t be blogging.

  • The inspirations section will be dedicated to efforts to create enthusiasm. Change is a function of momentum, and the wheel is powered by intention. Without intention, life is a matter of routine and reactivity.
  • The affirmations section will contain positive meditations and points of focus. My own changes began with affirmations; belief is a tool of man that defines the limitations of the possible.
  • The individual improvement section will contain specific bits of information that are useful for self-improvement, whether in terms of mental, spiritual, or physical growth. Wanting it and believing you can do it is the start, but manifestation on this plane requires specific methods.
  • Finally, the community awareness will contain relevant information about our extended tribe. Social change is best created by groups, but you can’t participate if you don’t know about it.

Nothing overly ambitious about that, right?

The links about blogging page will have links to the stuff I find useful in working on this blog; it’s meant for other bloggers and not a prime focus. Also, there might eventually be some web development stuff in the need help section, because I genuinely enjoy helping other bloggers and non-profits, but that’ll probably be minimum.

Blogging, like parenting and business, is all a matter of course correction; changing what you intend to do as circumstances change around you. This post has described the prevailing winds and the sea into which this blog will sail, the starting intention behind it. As the captain of this vessel, I’ll be guided by your feedback and the popularity of the posts. I can’t do it without you, you see. So I humbly ask: won’t you come sailing with me?

Keep on keeping on,

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