A Sea Consciousness

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A Wave Consciousness

Each day, my awareness starts with a gathering force. I am inexorably pushed forward in time, from a beginning swell through a stack of self that rises upward, crashes down, and retreats back. In my awareness, I feel my gathering force and the summons to rise and come forward. My thoughts are the body of this self, my attention the crest of each wave.

Although I must inevitably release my gathered self and crash back to land, although I know full well that each day I must subside back to self, there is no loss or mourning. It is because I crash, because I subside, that I am able each day to rise from trough to crest.

The pull to rise, advance, crash, and retreat is the very nature of my awareness. The peak of my attention and the form of my wave are my modes of manifestation. They are the ways I interact with the land before me. Whether I choose to tranquilly roll in or aggressively rage against the shore makes no difference, ultimately, in this expression. I am pushed by the wind on my back, I am summoned by the rocks and sands.

In my advance and retreat each day, in my awareness of crest and the wall of self, I do not seek. I do not cling. I do not refuse. I simply come to the world in my time, smooth its roughness and leave glittering shells, until I am spent and thin. Then back into myself I am pulled, to rise again tomorrow.

A Tide Consciousness

I am called by the moon and the sun to this world. Each day I rise and subside, but my life is a broader wave of the same form. In my life I gather myself, rise upward, crash down, and retreat back to myself. In my awareness, I feel my daily gathering force but also a deeper gathering force as I set out. My daily attention, the crest of my daily waves, note the cycles of my days, that the relative height and progress inland advance and retreat in proportion to the movement of my life.

And again, although I must inevitably release my grip on the land and subside back to the sea, there is no loss or mourning. I retreat that I may come again. I retreat so that elsewhere, other tides may advance on other beaches.

The pull to advance and retreat is the cycle of life and death. I bring with me things from deep in the water as I come to the land, that I may leave them there, and I take with me things from deep in the land as I go back to the sea. All waves and tides do this, so that as I advance I discover remnants of other tides and as I retreat I leave signposts for those who will come after me. This I do without will or intention, this I do because it is the form of my being as I have been summoned.

Whether I cling to the land or advance inland with great power, it makes no difference. All tides subside back to the sea, it is the nature of my living form and of my summons.

A Sea Consciousness

At being, my waves and tides are expressions of energy by my consciousness. I am all seas, wrapping all of solidity and the material world within me. And although the wind may ruffle my surface and stir me into kind or angry manifestation, these movements are only at the surface of my sea consciousness. Deep within, I am tranquil and unmoved by these energies. Deep within, I hold things that are so submersed in my being that they exist and cease to exist without ever being touched by my waves and tides.

I am heated by the sun and cooled by the moon, but this heat and the summons are only at the surface too. Deep within, I have no need for heat. I have no desire for it, but also I have no avoidance of it. I simply accept the radiance where it comes.

At the surface, my shifting responses are the lives of all beings. I am the wave, I am the tide. I am all waves and all tides. There can be no waves or tides outside of me, for all living beings can manifest only by my movement.

Whether I seek to rise or subside makes no difference. The nature of my being is cyclic manifestation. Lives will come and go, days will come and go, out of my very nature. Out of me rises solid earth, that which I’ve given rise to and allowed to exist, and my days and lives are given context against the physical world that I have unveiled. In time, I will call back into me the current lands that exist and create new lands.

A Blissful Wave

As a wave, I am an expression of beauty and a bringer of small gifts. As a tide, I am an expression of power that creates and destroys the land before me, uncovering deep things and changing the course of the tides that come after me. But as the sea! As the sea, I am the source of all days and lives, the creator and destroyer of all physical things. As the sea, it is my movement that underlies all time and space.

In that understanding, I calm my thoughts and reactivity that I may express tranquility.

Today I roll in gently.


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  1. A poetic post, beautifully written. Your sentences are as deeply flowing as the sea waves you intone.

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