September 2014 Rundown – 76 Links

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Apologies to my dear readers! I’ve been away from the keyboard for a bit – my entire household has fallen before some tiny invaders. It’s been a good haul now, but the antibiotics are starting to show some results.

I haven’t forgotten you, friends. I’ll be back soon with another post for you – and until then, here’s the better-late-than-never September 2014 rundown of inspirational and spiritual links!

10 Highlights from September 2014

Only have a little bit of time? Here’s the ones you should make sure you didn’t miss.

  1. An Invitation to Live, Really Live –
  2. Anonymous Samurai Song –
  3. Become your True Self – the Divine Spark –
  4. Edgar Albert Guest: It couldn’t be done –
  5. Grace Through Stained Glass –
  6. I Drive His Truck –
  7. The Art Of Making Spiritual Excuses –
  8. The most alive sadness in your heart –
  9. The Orphan and the Tied Boy: A Very Short Story –
  10. What Are You Celebrating Today? –


Start preparing the ground. Remove rocks of negativity and cynicism, bare the field down to fertile soil.

  1. An Invitation to Live, Really Live –
  2. August 2014 Rundown – 101 Links –
  3. But the Beatles were out of tune –
  4. Dare to Dream –
  5. Edgar Albert Guest: It couldn’t be done –
  6. Grace Through Stained Glass –
  7. I Drive His Truck –
  8. It Was Just A Thing –
  9. Letting Go: Dealing with the Death of a Loved One –
  10. Mother Somboun: A Happy Life on the Moun River –
  11. None of this makes sense –
  12. School of HP: The Meaning of Success (Poem) –
  13. SHONDA RHIMES: A screenwriter’s advice –
  14. Set Your Soul on Fire –
  15. Stepping Outside of our Self-Imposed Cage –
  16. The most alive sadness in your heart –
  17. The most important thing –
  18. The Power Of A Plaid Shirt –
  19. The Spatula: Possessions Ultimately Dispossess –
  20. The Warmth of Joy –
  21. We Are All Storytellers –
  22. Weaving the golden path of integration –
  23. What I’ve Learned Along the Road –
  24. What Story Are You Telling Yourself? –
  25. When We Let it All Go –
  26. Why One Tiny Step Is All You Need –
  27. Worldly Provision –


And then nest visions in your heart – the visions are the seeds for this inner garden. These lovely seedlings will bloom wonderfully.

  1. A testimony to the future –
  2. Anonymous Samurai Song –
  3. Become your True Self – the Divine Spark –
  4. But I Don’t Want To… –
  5. Enroll Today in the School of Love –
  6. Forget the Body and Mind –
  7. How to Escape the Imprisonment of Cultural Programming –
  8. Letting Go of the Past So You Can Be Reborn –
  9. Messages of Faith –
  10. Seized by the Thunderhold of Fear –
  11. The Art Of Making Spiritual Excuses –
  12. The Buddha’s Words on Loving-Kindness –
  13. The End of Dreaming –
  14. The Orphan and the Tied Boy: A Very Short Story –
  15. The Pearl Within My Soul –
  16. The Value Of Self-Love –
  17. What does it mean to heal? –
  18. Why Life Will Give You The Experience You Need –

Individual Improvement

Weeds inevitably grow in all gardens, for this is the process of life rising from earth. Here are some practicalities of gardening.

  1. A Brief Guide to Overcoming Instant Gratification –
  2. A Cheap and Easy Way to Enrich Your Life –
  3. Accepting Things for What They Are Instead of Resisting Change –
  4. Going Back to the Simple Places –
  5. Guide to Building Emotional Resiliency –
  6. How to Let Go of Little Things –
  7. How to Meditate When All The Other Techniques Don’t Work –
  8. How to Stop Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No” –
  9. Lake or Sea Meditation –
  10. Learn to come back, to return to being present over and over again –
  11. Paralyzed by an Overwhelming Task? Count to 5. –
  12. Social Anxiety Disorder: Impressive Study Reveals The Very Best Treatment –
  13. Stay Focused by Practicing Non-Zero Days –
  14. Stop Treating Money Like Your Master, Start Treating it Like a Tool –
  15. The Healthiest Way to Deal With Memories of a Traumatic Childhood –
  16. The Ironic Reason Why Chilling Out Does Not Re-Energise You –
  17. To Love a Child By Their Book –
  18. Use Afternoon Rituals to Disconnect After Work –
  19. What Are You Celebrating Today? –

Community Awareness

Take your crop and feed your neighbor, and in the sharing of bounty we stand united as children of eternity. Here are the tidings of the tribes.

  1. Cargill promises to stop chopping down rainforests. This is huge. –
  2. Catholic Nuns Take On Dark Money In Politics With Nationwide Bus Tour –
  3. Couple Who Let Homeless People Sleep On Their Porch Threatened With Daily Fine –
  4. Female Senators Demand Zero-Tolerance For Domestic Violence In Letter To NFL Commissioner –
  5. For The First Time, Scientists Create Completely Renewable Propane –
  6. Helping Someone Who May Be Suicidal Using S.A.V.E. –
  7. How a Man Named Jingles Changed My Life –
  8. How Much Are Drug Companies Paying Your Doctor? –
  9. Labor and Environment Issues Plague Apple for Third Year –
  10. PHOTOS: Historic Kashmir Flooding Leaves Thousands Trapped, Hundreds Dead –
  11. The People’s Climate March Grabs the World’s Attention –
  12. Thousands Converge On U.S. Capitol To Demand Mental Health Care Reform –

Previous Rundowns

Blessings, friends, and more soon.

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