The Sights of Darkness and Light

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The thing with the moving red eye has green skin. Or perhaps it’s blue.

No matter where you go, no matter if you’re alone or in good company… that’s its shadow on the wall. Always at the periphery of vision, skittering behind you with a mocking chuckle if you try to fully see it. The moving red eye is a more constant companion than shadow, for shadow requires light.

The moving red eye looks at you and out through you. It’s only physical as a dot of blurred vision, mostly it’s emotional and mental. But it’s not bound- it appears in happiness and sorrow, in victory and defeat, in boredom and in full mindfulness.

By the innocent and naive, it’s called addiction. They suppose it’s a matter of physical or mental tendency. They suppose it’s a matter of character and a question of willpower. They suppose addiction is just about volition. They don’t know anything.

The moving red eyes behold and are sights of darkness. There’s no ousting demons. There’s only suppressing them. You can go months and years clean and then the perfect trigger sequence unfolds… and there’s a tightening, a blossoming expectant excitement, and the old juices start to flow. Like a malignancy of the earth, it lays dormant and awaits the carriers… and if a single person catches the wind, the disease blossoms again after a century of slumber.

The Sights of Darkness

A soldier who engaged in the battlefront carries within a dark knowledge. You might see it in his glance. Unless you’ve been to the bloodied fields, you don’t know what he knows. Perhaps you can catch a scent of his knowledge for a second, but then the wind shifts and you start thinking about something else.

People who’ve been victims of extreme violence have a different dark knowledge. You can judge the cases but you’ll never really understand. Unless you see those sights of darkness yourself.

Recovered addicts also see with a certain twist in their gaze, another different dark knowledge. When they talk about thirst or hunger, the flock thinks about wanting some breakfast. Be glad if you don’t understand thirst.

The people who struggle to find God most are the people who’ve never drank at the fountains of blood. The rest of us know that there are some things no mortal will can master… but when the dark tide surges within, calling God’s name cleanses it out. For a while, anyway.

The Sights of Light

Reading in spirituality, meditating, and prayer bring transient visions of the light. There’s no retaining them. You can go months or years between flashes of deep spiritual bliss, but then there’s a loosening, a blossoming peaceful acceptance, and you’re free of your base and lowly attachments. The light is always within us yet rarely revealed.

By the innocent and naive, spirituality is confused with religion. They suppose it’s a matter of wishful thinking, of a way for the weak to gain control. Perhaps that’s true of religion. But the roots of religion, mysticism, surpass all individuality.

God needs no acceptance. He looks at you and through you. He’s on the physical plane, but only as your blurry interpretation of what your feeble senses and logic have given you. But God’s not bound there… the divine exists in all things and all movements. Like the moving red eye, God is in happiness and sorrow, in victory and in defeat, in boredom and in full mindfulness. Yet, there is no room for addiction or violence when you choose God’s sight. The eyes of darkness are blinded by such brilliant light.

Like violence or addiction, spirituality is always with you once you’ve let it in. You can’t unlearn knowledge of the dark or of the light. The little moving red eye is addiction… but the omnipresent tranquil brilliant eye is God.

Tripled Vision

The myopic cultured sight of civilized man is a trained mind thinking in terms of chess pieces and strategies. It is forever restless and fearful, forever seeking to secure things and make them permanent. It fears change and it fears any lack of control. It is a mind of fear that comes out of the culture of fear… that sees everything with either the routine gaze of usability or the worrisome gnawing gaze of discontent. I want to be smart. I want to be attractive. I want to be rich. I want.

The doomed evil vision of the moving red eye is opportunistic… forever looking to set up situations for excess, for oblivion, for the void to reclaim the mind and for the bittersweet joyous numbing. Forever finding in people and things only barriers or gateways. Forever signaling excuses and reasons why it’s okay, just this time, to be indulgent. I deserve it. It was a rough day. There isn’t anything better to do.

The transcendent blissful vision of witness consciousness is accepting… forever looking to simply let things be, to simply find the bliss of the moment, for the brilliant compassionate light to arc out and elevate above the illusions and distractions of life. Witness consciousness wants nothing more than what it is, and doesn’t cling to what is. The sights of light are motionless yet flowing. Everyone is a worthy soul. Everything is worth love. All things are but the gently heaving chest of God.

The Reduction to Choice

Every man and woman, every child, every living creature… everything physical appears within all three visions.

You’ve been a part of hundreds of tiny little human stories as people have told them to themselves and to each other. You’ve also been seen by the moving red eye, and it’s looked out through you. You’ve also been seen by the radiant eye of God, and divinity has looked out through you. Perhaps you’ve garbled some of that holy creative light, perhaps you’ve allowed yourself to be an instrument of destruction, or perhaps you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that you’re only a part of little human stories. It doesn’t matter how you choose to interpret the battleground.

Heaven and hell exist within us, regardless. They look out through you, with you… they are you.

The question is always the same: a human, a demon, or God – with whose eyes will you see today?

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