Specialness and Illumination

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By Ibrahim Iujaz from Rep. Of Maldives
(hey son, get out of the clouds)
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The warmth of spiritual union feels like sunshine falling on our heads. It is as though we sit meditating or praying in a spotlight, as though a holy gladness cascades from the heavens and illuminates just us – we endeavoring ones, we who seek to be conscious warriors of the light.

And right there – the label, the role, some imagined club of membership – is the first gate where we lose so many brothers and sisters back into the darkness. Specialness is the foundation of the separation and our egos beguile us in many subtle forms to keep us entranced with the illusions.


Time began, o my brother, when we first decided we wanted to be special. In everything, we started looking for ways to be more deserving and more loved. That was the same thing as dividing God’s creation into higher and lower levels, better and worse people, important and insignificant life. While we couldn’t truly create such differences, we imagined them and made ourselves believe them – and so time began and we perceive that which we’ve made (our illusions, which are ourselves in this world).

We do it still. Every time we imagine that other people are better or worse than us, we’re perpetuating the illusion. Every time we imagine that we attack, we’re attempting to advance in it. There’s nothing to fear or gain, for all that can be lost does not truly exist.

What works do we have, what things do we own, that are more than mere ornaments of our minds?

You can’t be special, better, or more beloved by God than anyone else. That’s not disheartening, for neither can you be less beloved by God. All are made perfect, complete, and as holy as their Creator. Anything that seems to indicate otherwise is simply the illusion we’ve made by believing in it until we perceived it.

Through specialness, we imagine the Children of God divided. That division is the very separation from God that we perceive. It is the struggle and the imperfection we call ourselves, too.


Time ended, o my brother, when we decided that there was never any specialness among us or in the things of this world. We found illumination everywhere, underneath all these little ornaments of our minds. We saw all of God’s creation is One, that no life was unimportant, that all fear and attack were in fact simply poor vision. We knew that everything we gave to our brother, we received – and so time ended and we perceived only a single ocean of light.

We’ve forgotten again, and time has started again, but there lies a little flickering lamp in our hearts that frames the eternal. In this long journey home, we are guided by that most Holy which we can most readily see in others. And when we at last step back onto our doorstep and remember again, the journey will vanish as all dreams do upon waking.

Between here and there, on this little fabricated road between our waking hours, begin to wake by discerning between the mind’s ornaments and reality. But beware the first gate, that trickiness of ego that might take you into self-congratulation and the making of special spiritual clubs, for that is yet another ornament and would drag you back to sleep. The darkness that encroaches again and again is sleep calling you back into dreams, your ego calling you back into illusions.

To imagine that a shaft of light falls on you alone is to deny the light in all the Children of God, which is to deny it to yourself. Let none be special, and you will behold all of reality brilliantly lit as light pours out of the minds of all beings.

The warmth of spiritual union is sunshine spilling out of our heads, not on them.


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