Spiritual Significance of a Flower

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spiritual significance of a flower

What is the spiritual significance of a flower?

Is a flower the combined manifestation of various spiritual forces? To elementalists, a flower is the intersection of water, air, and earth rays. To polytheists, that same flower is an act of an Earth goddess. Endorsing causality, it is the cascade of its ancestors. The astrologists and numerologists would have different views.

Is the spiritual significance of a flower that of a holy reflection? Perhaps the true, eternal flower lives in another dimension while the one we see is only a reflection. Or perhaps the flower is a reflection of us, when our minds find themselves to have such lovely colors and fragrance.

Perhaps the flower is nothing more than a spiritual shadow? Perhaps the light is universal consciousness and the object is an individual, localized consciousness. If so, the flower is part of the veil separating time and the Divine.

Perhaps the flower is instead a set of smaller consciousnesses obscured by poor vision? Is it just a sum in perception, like how a whole building is a fiction masking individual bricks?

It might be that a flower has no spiritual significance? It is a genus and species, therefore it belongs on a different shelf than others in this field. A flower is a dietary concern for livestock, while we are primarily shepherds. A flower is a book about climate and soil conditions before you plant. After you plant, the flower is a weed violating your garden or, if you dreamt it, your success as a gardener.

We spin a million concepts into our mental webs after perception. Your preferred concept is not better than another’s. Your truth is the truth of the flower as much as your falsehood is the falsehood of the flower. All concepts are only thoughts that live and die in us. They arise and subside. You can join as many mental flowers to the one in experience as you like. You can transform the landscape of your mind without changing you or the flower.

In the most blessed perception, the spiritual significance of a flower cannot be put into words. It has nothing to do with categories or shadows. The rays and reflections are only disastrous attempts to put handles on the incredibly rare experience of actually seeing a flower.

So long as we are thinking about a flower, we are blind. Go sit with one, and let go of all narratives and roles. Indescribable truth appears. A mystic union of seeker and flower blooms when you are mindful. Let all intellectual categorizations collapse.

What flower? What seeker? There is only love rising as a scent on the breeze.

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  1. Paul Gamble says:

    No, it hurts. The shade it hurts. What helps is the light. The light knows it is needed. The significance of a flower is seen and known.

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