Sticks on the Fire

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A Lag BaOmer bonfire
"Lag BaOmer bonfire" by Yoninah - Own work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The diverse forms of spirit surround you, piling high the priorities and errands of the day. You must spend time with the children, clean the yard, and fix broken things around the house. There’s bills to be paid, people to connect with, and plans to be made. Work beckons into the weekend with unfinished business just as medical issues surface. Your physical form beckons, your mind calls, and your emotions churn as you sputter into existence again, a small flame reborn a million times flickering into being yet again.

At the level of appearance, all of these tasks and errands are merely the movements of life. Taken deeper, these are not external at all – they are the accepted weight of expectations and roles. Taken to the deepest degree, they are simply sticks stacked together by spirit – by your higher Self, that localization of the infinite and manifestation of the divine.

And some of them are needless, and this can you see when you step back enough for perspective. But need and necessity are themselves false – nothing at all is needful, if you step back yet again.

So then, without wandering the maze of ego’s calculations and machinations, the day has dawned and you, that little mortal flame at the end of the incarnation, must simply burn.

Rising, gather what of these tasks and errands you will. Do not weigh them by their intended effect, do not weigh them by importance or degree, don’t weigh them at all. Simply do what can be done, burning the sticks as they are piled on the altar.

A passing moment of anger is no different than a hunger pain. A late project at work is no different than the need to prepare a property for a tenant. A medical issue is no different than the need to spend quality time with the children. They are all sticks provided by spirit – all fuel given to you for the burning. Rise high, then, and pursue them in the order of intuition and lessons by spirit – burn them within yourself that you can provide light and heat, for that is why they are given you.

It is irrelevant where it is that we burn, or why we should convert this dead wood to light and heat, or the nature of these sticks on the fire. All that matters is that our devotion and commitment to this burning, our enthusiasm behind this work, is our only conceivable offering to the glorious and the infinite.

So do whatever appears needful with great joy and satisfaction, because you aren’t doing all these things for yourself, for your family, for your friends or colleagues or the world at large. You do this for the Holy One, who gives these things unto you to see whether you will do them in love and compassion for His sake, at His request.

Yes, Holy Father, a thousand times yes… Thy Will be done.

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