Stillness Affirmation

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Today, I practice stillness. This stillness affirmation is about letting go of attachments and seeking, as they come about from a false understanding of myself in relationship to the world.

I start with physicality, and consider my body. I see that every cell in my body lives a while, dies, and is replaced. I consider that, with every physical component of my body being replaced on a regular basis, my body has no permanence by itself and is in a constant state of re-manifestation. I discard the idea that I am my body, for I have remained while my body has been recreated again and again.

I move to the mental plane, and consider my mind. I understand that it is my mind that creates my body through ideas, habits, action, and inaction. I see that my body is the material manifestation of my mind. I attentively listen to my mind, and see that the whirlwind of my thoughts comes about from my interactions with other people, my body, and from the dreams of what I was and what I might be. I consider time, and see that this lifetime of manifestation is an insignificant blip in the eternity of time and space. From that, I set aside my whirlwind of thoughts as all coming from a tiny locality in space and time; these thoughts are but a passing breeze within my life just as my life is but an instant within the greater framework of all existence.

I move to the level of spirit, and consider my soul. Without thoughts, the mind is a peaceful ocean; I see that this ocean is in fact my true self. Outside of time and space, my soul is a holy witness of all that happens in my mind and in the world around me. This ever-seeing presence within me does not change and is not affected by the mind that clouds it or the body that is manifested as the shadow of that cloud. I see that my soul has nothing to do with clinging or wanting, that my eternal spirit is sometimes confounded by the changing scenery. When my soul falsely finds a relationship between itself and the position in time and space that it pays attention to, the mind appears as the friction of dissonance between the eternal and the manifested. I let go of my knowledge, for it is outside of the bounds of the false association between spirit and material that the truth lies. I let go of the answers to my questions, for it is dwelling in the question that I create the answer. At the level of spirit, I discard all attachments and all urgency, and tranquilly embrace my attention as the essence of my existence.

I move past my current position in time and space and consider that there are others. I know that these others are also points of eternal consciousness manifesting the world in accordance with the level to which they confuse themselves with the world. I try to find a space between all of these points of eternal consciousness, and realize that all things in all places possess witness consciousness, and that there is no boundary at all between one point and another. In truth, all of creation is a sea of consciousness and all the difference between myself and another is just a different perspective on the same physical world that we are manifesting together. I relax away my sense of identity into the infinite consciousness that is all things at all times, and realize that there is no difference at all between myself and the other. Space and time are constructs of the mind, behind which there is but one shining eternal awareness, and so at the level of soul I see now that I am all things, that all things and all others exist within me.

I come back to the level of spirit, and understand now that I am the self-experiencing of God. Just as I can bring my attention to a spot on my body, so I am the infinite consciousness bringing my attention to this manifested spot in space and time. I move down the chain of awareness to my mind, and see that I have nothing at all to do with the ambitions and concerns of others, with material objects and the ideas of possession and ownership, or with fear at the level of my being. All these temporal things are not real at the level of spirit, and so I am liberated from all fear of death or insecurity. That which is unreal inexorably changes with time; that which is real never changes. My whirlwind of thoughts is stilled as I see that I have nothing to do with action, that I cannot succeed or fail. I can only possess clarity or confusion; everything else is but an illusion of manifested thought. Finally, I come back to the level of my body and find that it is calm and now possesses a vibrance and glowing healing energy. All disturbances have vanished as I have re-established my connection with the divinity within me that is the divinity in all things.

As I re-enter the flow of space and time, I thank my soul for allowing me to re-experience the foundation of my being that exists outside of time. I rise with stillness and quiet inside. All happens, the world unfolds before me, yet inside I am unmoved by the trivial and banal as I allow the undying love, compassion, and patience of my soul to illuminate the single exhalation of God that is my life.


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