Sweet Chaos

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Bruno - Sweet Chaos
This is Bruno, an Australian Shepherd mix.
He's about 10 and just joined my family.

Yesterday, my family and I stopped by the animal shelter to see if there were any piglets. I have no idea why we’re looking to add a pig to our family, but as often happens, the trip turned in a completely unexpected, lovely way. Although there were no piglets, there’s no way at all we could stop at the animal shelter and not visit all the furry friends inside. So we did, we fell in love with two old dogs with health issues, and now our family is bigger.

For those of you keeping track, that’s now one cat, two rats, three fish, and four dogs.

Sweet chaos all yesterday and this morning, of course. The mother in this mom-and-son pair has had most of her teeth removed (and more to go). Both have diarrhea and kennel cough. Pills, special feeding arrangements, bathroom accidents, dog socialization, sleeping territory, human ownership.

At least my daughter is almost over her baby version of a cold.

But these two new sick pups are angels. They’re bigger than any of the other pets and haven’t so much as growled or barked. When you have little dogs growling at you, a baby screaming, and a hugely energetic boy running at full speed from one end of the house to the other, that’s quite an accomplishment. Health issues aside, can you see why it was time for them to find a home?

All too often we – myself included – try to keep a handle on the whirlwind of life. I’ve still got clients ringing me, a consultancy presence I’m building up, a ton of yard work to get done (we’ve already had our first rattlesnake of the year), and on and on. I have no time, if I listen to the nagging little voice in my head that is all goal-oriented. But I do, I have all the time in the world, and I know it because I sit companionably with eternity when I go to meditate.

Order is overrated. Between a boring, dead old neat stack of papers and the riotous, sweet chaos of a full house – which do you prefer? Try to be open to what life brings you. Whether or not you have time or money enough, whether or not you think you have room in your heart, whether or not it means you’ll have to dig deeper into your energy wellspring to find time to nurture and care for new friends. Because all of those egoic conditions won’t bring you to peace, and you won’t find calmness in any mountaintop cave or library-quiet house.

Meditate, stay mindful, and have faith. Breathe. The power to flavor both order and bedlam lies in you.

To be dead while living is to be depressed or angry in a museum. Let us live centered and happy right in the heart of sweet chaos.

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