The Cave of Self

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Programming Life: The Cave of Self
photo by Jim Champion [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

He who sits to meditate emerges from a tiny cave of self, blinking and blinded by the streaming light of the larger Self. But he who strives endlessly toward the ends of the world huddles into the darkest corner of his cave, pitiable and terrified.

In the cave of self, dusty creatures labor endlessly to create a quiet, controlled, sterile place of peace. But it cannot be peaceful, for it is their striving that brings chaos and discontent to it. Passerby create fear and urgency, for they are not so easily mastered as the carefully ordered pebbles on the cave floor.

In the larger Self, light gleams up from the crumbling roads and the untended fields. Peace cascades down from the heavens in an unceasing torrent that cannot be resisted. Passerby bring blooms within hearts, flowers of compassion and goodwill to mankind.

Let us rest together, you and I, for a while. We are not alone – did you know that? Can you feel the heart of the Beloved with us, whether we sit here and whisper to each other in the darkness of the cave of self or let His Paradise flood through us into the world? I tell you, this is true. The breeze that caresses your cheek is His Touch. The warmth of the sunlight in His Vision, as He regards your wanderings.

Do not imagine for a moment, my friend, that we wander a parched desert. That fever vision of the cave of self makes us cruel and violent. It blasts life away from us. Loneliness and grasping neediness create their own worldly contexts; they are weeds of the soul.

No, let us pour our mercy and praise out on the sands. Let us step from the twisted catacombs we create when we seek worldly dominion, and sing out our blessings and gratitude. The Self can call up lush green oases from the sands. Let us become ourselves again, and let us walk and sing with Him.

Come awake! Come out of your cave of self! Let us go and see what wonders we may set free.

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