The Egotism of Time Management

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By Michael Himbeault
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It is absurd to be someone who starts each day by imagining that he or she is the captain of the next 24 hours. Mentally sequencing out the list of daily tasks, the egotistical one immediately sets the stage to be irritated by interruptions and unmindful of the actual unfolding of the day’s splendor. I myself still work to overcome this absurd egotism of time management.

Time management is a stronghold of the ego. We can readily move to an understanding that we do not actually own any objects, we can with more difficulty set those we love free of our expectations, but for some reason time management is on par with our homes in terms of clinging.

Perhaps it’s because our homes are an external parallel to the ground of consciousness and time is a parallel to the rhythm of our hearts and breath. Our homes and days feel like characteristics of our hearts.

We easily resent the time we give to our occupations.

We become angry when uninvited guests require attention.

We become irritated when the day does not go according to our plans. This is going to happen in a million households today, as it does on every holiday.

We must stop such foolish madness.

When we wake, we have been given the gift of this world again. As we live, we are given gifts of time. And the Giver of these wonders, the Maker of this grace, is surely entitled to do with these gifts what He will. If our Lord God appeared to us in person and tasked us with particular errands, there’s not a human alive who would deny Him. But, for some obtuse reason, without His personal physical manifestation and direct correspondence, we feel justified to refuse the spiritual work that He sends.

Now, I’m not saying at all that we must endeavor to simply do whatever arises and accept any sort of interruption always. There are tempters and temptations, after all, who would abuse the free time we’re given to distract us into idleness or corruption. Some discernment is necessary to separate those from the actual Holy Work it is given us to undertake.

Yet, for all that, everything on our task lists is simply the standard list of chores any household servant might make. When something more important arises, they should be immediately and easily postponed or cancelled. To do anything else is to refuse to serve the Master’s guests because we haven’t yet swept the hall – a ridiculous egotism of time management.

Paramahansa Yogananda described the general duties of the Children of God simply as:
“Read a little. Meditate more. Think of God all the time.”

This is time management, spiritualized. Everything else is sweeping the hall – we do it if we can, but mustn’t confuse the accomplishment of it as somehow validating our existence. Our existence is validated always, simply because we have been given it.

Today and every day, set the intention to allow the Will of the One to override whatever other plans you might have made. Indeed, we are blessed when He asks something of us.

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