The Emissary

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There is no difference between spirit’s communication and spirit itself; the emissary is the message and the message is the emissary. Life abounds with both the subtle communications of spirit and spirit itself.

And sometimes that emissary is a tragic event, and sometimes it’s a happy occasion. Sometimes it’s a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a stray puppy on the street. Spirit speaks through the green growing things, the man-made things that crowd storefronts and litter streets, and the stones and rivers. Messages pour as rain, float as snowflakes, and whirl as tornadoes. There’s sometimes no difference between a telephone call and a feeling.

Discernment isn’t gained until you can disregard forms and perceive only meaning.

Bodily pain has been the form of the emissary for me for quite some time. Through it, I have learned that most of what other humans eat is not suitable for me. I must eat of the garden, disdaining the factories and distilleries. And through that limitation I have regained freedom – for my chest is light and my conscience clean as I am driven away from the artificial and that which is bound up in the pain of my brothers and sisters. Having asked for guidance, it’d hardly be suitable to complain about the form in which it came.

Most strangely and unexpectedly, though, you yourself are sometimes the emissary. Your family and friends struggle with ego and grasping – with that all-American addiction to more – and it is within your field and whispered by your intuition just how they may proceed in the direction of love’s flow. Your colleagues and acquaintances struggle with self-made limitations and desire for specific outcomes, and it is within your power to release them by empowering their beliefs that they can, in fact, expand beyond the roles they imagine they are. If you quiet yourself and listen through the ears of your chest and the Sacred Heart, you can see the little rocks and floating branches that encumber and restrict the flow of the divine river.

Through that perception, it is within you to gently nudge away the obstructions. For they do not exist in the singular life and your inner experience alone; they are in the world we perceive and so frequently mistake as something external to us. Without ego or struggling to be known for wisdom or good counsel, you can articulate the meaning of spirit into other forms in the hope that the new forms might be better recognized by your brothers and sisters.

If you choose. None but you can determine your participation in the holy outpouring.

The spirit of God is in all things. It moves with the ever-expanding and infinite depth of divine love. The emissary’s mystery and grace can take any form… even yours.

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