The Lover and the Beloved

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The Lover and the Beloved
Rainbow in the pond
By Gorupka from Tomaj, Slovenia
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We may, if we have thought to look up from our scribblings in the dirt, seek to uncover in our hearts the love of God. Whether we prefer to point this love at an avatar of God – Jesus, the Buddha nature, or whatever manifestation – or we seek to connect our hearts directly with the Love of the One, this is the quest of the spiritual seeker after the Beloved. The union of the finite with the Infinite, the bridge of the temporal and the Eternal – this is the Bifröst we seek.

In that quest, we Children of God imagine ourselves the lovers. If you seek to love your Creator by whatever cultural approach you have been afforded, you would have it that you are the lover. Yet, it is not so… your efforts may fall flat if you dress yourself up in such robes, for the quest may become one of a widow loving her memories of her passed spouse. Wandering, you may persuade yourself to love the hints and coverings of God – but they are not Him.

No, we must take off those robes and lay them gently down. Let us start again, this day, remembering that we are the beloved. Our love of God is not the bridge, it is His Love for us that creates the Bifröst! The pure manifestation of the One is the Lover, and we are the object. The robes of the found, the captured, and the created are much more suitable for us in this place. The eternal self within – the Witness, that unwavering light of awareness – is the endpoint, the remembered spouse. All these ego-based endeavors are the memories and dreams of the one who passed, but the one who passed is the one who so remembers and dreams.

And the Beloved, the holy One Himself, is no widow – for in the truth and light of Love, none have passed. The quest to love God is yet more scribbling in the dirt, and while we maintain those false robes we have only thought of looking up from our play. To truly look up is to feel the warmth of the Divine Love. When felt for the first time, it is the warmth of a new rising sun and the surfacing of one who has long been drowning in dreams.

The quest of the lover and the Beloved is fulfilled by comprehension of the truthful embrace of the Lover and the beloved. In that fulfillment, the mystical union of the Lover and the Beloved blossoms as a lotus from the mud.

You woke today to a new world born from nothingness. This new dream, this new you, is another gift from the Beloved. The whispers of the wind, the dawn and the birds, the heart connection with your loved ones, the fulfillment of the creative act… gifts upon gifts. Having asked for your daily bread, you have received it – and you will receive it eternally, even should you become unable to recognize the bread. Your very opportunity to receive and give small, mortal love in this place is a droplet of divine Love as the holy rain cascades down upon the endless sea.

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