The Mirror of the Mind

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An illustration from page 30 of Mjallhvít (Snow White)
an 1852 Icelandic translation of the Grimm-version fairytale
"Snow White Mirror 4". Licensed under Public Domain
via Wikimedia Commons.

Looking out on the world, we are each a spirit perceiving its own mind. Ego is misidentification between our spirits and minds, flaws in perception that arise in our minds as attachment, desire, or fear. When the perception is flawless, the ego dissolves.

The mind is not a lens through which we perceive something external, because there is nothing external. Everything we perceive is the universal consciousness overlaid with thought-forms – thoughts manifested into tangible, physical reality.

The astounding diversity in just this one universe is a single perceptive motion of the universal consciousness. When the thought-forms collapse and the world vanishes, your vanishing will appear as death to other, similar thoughts of God.

Minds are mirrors through which our spirits perceive themselves. When there are no flaws in our mirrors, we see that all the world is filled with joy, bliss, and love. This is why we say that you cannot judge another without judging yourself. This is also why we say your most essential self cannot be harmed and is always unstained. There is, in truth, only love.

The spiritual endeavor is all about polishing the mirror. Let us work to remove the discolorations and dents that make the world seem difficult and perverse, yet let us also remove the smudges that blind us to the cities of mind we’ve created. The cleansing of the ego is careful craftsmanship of the mirror of the mind. The perfection of the mirror is the culmination of meditation and faith.

When the mirror is fixed, we see we are whole, holy, and pure – perfect created Children of God.

So long as we have lingering traces of attachment and desire, we will have mirrors. Should our efforts at polishing and mending the mirrors be interrupted, we will lose these mirrors and gain others – we will reincarnate. The personal mind is a gift of grace to help us return home.

When at long last we let go of all grasping and clinging, the need for mirrors ends. When we can at long last remember that we ourselves are thoughts of our Father, we can gaze purely upon Him instead of reflecting upon ourselves. Our personal minds can be discarded when we can remain in universal consciousness. You will not need to return here, although you are never denied anything as the beloved Child.

Clean the mirror again and again. Focus just on this. When the seeds grow and the garden blossoms, you will regard purity and wholeness in the mirror. And as we stand there at Heaven’s gate – the living God, that universal consciousness on the other end of line, will complete the motion and our mirrors will vanish. We will then be fully realized aspects of God.

After we grow up, we put our childhood toys away. Mirrors aren’t needed after we step past the gate.

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