What Your Thoughts Make

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When you think that you’ll face your fears, you make fears to be faced and a mind that struggles with fear. When you think that you won’t be embarrassed in tomorrow’s meeting, you make a version of yourself that always twists to resemble what you hear people say about you. If you make a commitment to lose weight, you’re stating that your body is unpleasant and, deeper, that you are your body.

It is important to acknowledge what we make when we practice affirmations or positive thinking.

You can’t move against something without making it real for you.

Whenever you act against something, you’re making that something. If you struggle to deny your addiction, you’re affirming that you are addicted. If you struggle to make more money, you’re affirming that you’re in poverty. The world you perceive, and the path through it that you walk, are entirely of your own making. What enemy do you want to fight today? Name it and it will appear.

Of course you want to be relaxed in social settings, happy with your body, unencumbered by addiction, and unconcerned about scarcity. Those are positive states of living. But that doesn’t mean you have to make a dark world in which you’re a little failure now so that you can be a big success later. It doesn’t matter that everything you hear and see seems to confirm the dark world. If you made a world of light, everything you would then see would confirm that world of light. Perception is the action of looking for things to confirm and making tangible what you believed in. The belief comes first.

But you shouldn’t make a world of light any more than you should make a world of darkness.

Stop making the world, for it blinds you.

Making is the tiny act of a confused spirit. When you think you’re a living body, you’ve forgotten what you are. When you get caught up in an argument, you’ve decided that you’re one side of a pair of conflicting thoughts in your mind. That confusion of identity is the only problem you have, really. It’s the only problem we all have – or we wouldn’t make the world.

I call this smaller, confused part of ourselves our lower minds. Anything bound up in time, in the rising and subsiding of phenomenological experience, emanates from your lower mind. You aren’t perceiving anything more than yourself, in this flat little plain under the sky of God. That’s because everything here is made. You can make darkness or light down here, but you can’t be free.

I call the higher, remembered part of ourselves our higher minds. Anything eternal can only be known, not perceived. From this place, we can create and extend. From this place, there is only one thing tied up in a glorious fractal tapestry of light. In the current moment, right here and now, the edge of perception touches up against the edge of the timeless. When we remember ourselves enough to feel it, life feels like a continuous prayer because we know the tapestry is woven entirely of love.

If you stop making the world, you’ll release yourself back home into unity. Then you can create love, then you can extend yourself in love. These are the only things you can do in truth, for you are as your Father created you – like Him.

What Your Thoughts Make

Your thoughts make all the illusions that are not love and block your journey home. Your thoughts also extend love – all thoughts of loving-kindness really do exist, they are not illusions.

Your thoughts make all fear and attack, and both do not really exist. In truth, we can’t harm that which God created to be eternal. The only things bound up in fear and attack are bodies and egos, and they are not real. They are simply made things.

Your thoughts extend all love and requests for love, and both exist although none truly need the love they request. For they have it, they are it. As are you and I.

Look at all you have made, and consider whether or not these small, transient glories are worth blocking out the unchanging light. For your higher mind is holy and you never were stained by sin. All our journeys lead back home.

One life is but the tiniest ripple in that journey so long as you attempt to create unlike the Creator.

But if you can give up everything you’ve made with your thoughts… if you can give it all up for love, you can come back home in a single breath.


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