To Sit In The Sun

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Endlessly striving, rushing, and conquering never-ending lists. Dissatisfied even as we check off something as complete, we stumble forward.

And then… tragedy falls across the land. The crowds gather, murmuring, and the evaluations and sermonizing starts. And, forgetting our private hells, we join in and jostle for position, straining our necks to see and our voices to be heard.

Inevitably, the crowd disperses and the marketplace men go back to their booths. The working men go back to their labors.

Our minds return to our lists.

The desire for perfection and security is kept a purely private illness most of the time, becoming shared only when the private hell in others breaks free and spills violence across our vision.

And now, just now, many of us are returning to our lists. The crowds are dispersing and the marketplace is resuming business. And yes, the world must go on… we must continue. But, before you open your mental list and begin taking inventory, won’t you stop for a bit?

Before you begin to think of performance evaluations, won’t you stop and say something heartfelt to your colleagues? Before you head out to stock up at the grocery store, won’t you think about someone you know who might be struggling? And before you step on that scale, won’t you close your eyes for a moment and thank God for all the blessings you still have?

Let’s take some time to sit in the sun, let’s close our eyes and turn our faces into the warmth. Let it console us and slow us down. Let us honor each other and the earthly gifts that some of our brothers and sisters have left behind, just for a little while longer.

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