Trust in Higher Timing

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Triumph of Faith over Idolatry by Jean-Baptiste Théodon
By Jastrow (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The artificial world is filled to the brim with calls for immediate action. In the blindness of ego, we readily forget the gleaming sunlight bouncing off fallen leaves. The roar of expectation drowns out the singing of birds and sighing of breezes. There is always ever so much to be done in the whirlpool, and the pace never slackens in the darkness.

The real world leisurely continues its way with complete disregard for the angry mutters and tense shoulders of those who race through it. You’ll never earn enough, achieve enough, or become popular enough – you’ll never go fast enough – to catch up with the happiness you’re trampling over.

And you may never be free of the twisted little monkey that whispers “run, run” in your ear.

That feverish little clod of ailments inside us all, grown there from roles and titles and hierarchy, may never stop its chattering. We must start with that acceptance, because resisting illusion reinforces it. When we accept pain and inner turmoil, it begins to transform within us… it starts to disperse. But only so long as we do not seek to disperse it.

The thing to do, my friends, is to simply honor the divine unfolding that is happening. Gently lay down the schedules your little bundle of identifications keeps projecting in front of you. Trust in higher timing, and all that must be accomplished will be achieved. Trust in the unveiling and the river of emotions, sensations, and thoughts that seeks passage through your chest. Have faith that, although nothing is certain, uncertainty is just the name that fear puts on divine grace.

The ever-present witness, your soul and ground of consciousness, is always free and whole. It can’t be hurt by collapsed expectations or decaying flesh. Even lost relationships are mere shifting of form before its gaze, for nothing real ever ceases to exist. When we trust in higher timing, we lose the need for the unfoldment to happen according to our plans and place our faith in the Beloved that walks with us.

The artificial world is nothing more than the veil blocking the Kingdom from your view, dear hearts. Let go of any need to accomplish beyond the provisions and cycles of mortality. The game plan, objectives, and lessons provided for us are our important work – the very life you live contains all the seeds you need to complete your creation.

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