The Truth Before Us

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Handy tips for overcoming procrastination and working more efficiently. Excellent inspirations to a better life and a higher calling. Strategies for improving health, increasing wealth, becoming more spiritual, and escaping the dreaded rut. These things are the very guts of my daily links and frequent aspirations for my posts. These things are information, they are concepts. From the long, rambling website article to the elegant and succinct Pinterest image-quote, they are starting points.

And they’re only starting points. Not even the most important starting points.

From Information To Gnosis

When we find and understand a bit of information, by itself it’s a single data point. It’s just a single perspective about something – a fact perhaps, but not contextual. To get from information to knowledge about something, we need a lot of data points. Reading a single article about health, wealth, or spirituality doesn’t get you very far. It doesn’t matter how robust or comprehensive the author of that article attempts to be, it remains a single perspective. When you get a bit of information from someone who’s only writing or speaking from a place of information, just syndicating on something he or she found interesting, then it’s just a second-hand re-interpretation of a perspective. To gain knowledge, one must study. You have to be able to understand the correlations and be able to make judgments regarding the authenticity of new information before you can be said to know a subject. When you take the information and index it away without comprehension or action, you’ve reached the level of proficiency of a search engine spider at most.

When you take a bit of knowledge and implement it into your life, when you see it working, it can become wisdom. Every day you might read tips for exercise or dieting, but if you never do anything all you have is a head full of strategies and the same unhealthy body. The same thing with business tips if you dream of being an entrepreneur, the same thing with creativity advice if you want to be an artist, and the same thing if you want to be spiritual and just read the Holy Bible or other enlightened tracts. But putting knowledge to work in your life is not sufficient; you must absorb and become an embodiment of a thing. The further you internalize and practice knowledge, the more spiritual insight you can bring to it. And when you bring spirit into a thing, you become wise in the ways of it. Wisdom isn’t just about spirituality and humanity; you can be wise in the ways of health, of business, of metal-working.

It happens, as we become wiser in our pathways, that sometimes we stumble across the direct truth of a thing. The direct truth of all things is bound up in us, for we are all things. I am you, just as you are all these other people. You are all things, even God, at the level of your soul. All people, things, and practices are forms and emanations of this sublime, infinite, omnipotent source. When you see how a form is a gift and love bound up in conceptual dressings, you experience a fleeting blessing of gnosis.

The Truth Before Us

But all this information, these bits and bytes of data flowing across the Internet and through the bookstores and in idle conversations at coffee shops, are abstractions. They are not the best starting points because they’re not primary – they do not come from our endless “now”. They are bound up in the artificial map and articulations of life that bubble up out of the human sphere. Like bubbles in mineral water, they float up endlessly and burst at the top – some big, some small, but all contained within the bottle of human social interaction. And being just abstractions, it’s easy to use them to cover up the little voices within us that speak to greater truth. Without silence and reflection, endless syndicated calls to greatness can be dangerous.

We have immediate, personal messages given us by ourselves, our subconsciouses, the universe, or God. It makes no difference what you want to call the source. The immediacy of life brings us truths each day wrapped up in our own presentations, the things in this world of sense and light. Others come to us draped in robes of roles and muttering delicacies, but within each of them burns truths and hearts fiercer than any expression or articulation.

When you stumble across your son’s toy in the hallway, if you stop and see it you’ll find the glowing fingerprints of a happy new explorer of the world who became diverted and left disorder in his wake of enthusiasm. No small thing, this dinosaur you’ve crunched, although it may be meaningless to him now. It bears the love of dinosaurs of all children, generations of them. It contains the heartbeat of a million archaeologists. No matter that it was crushed, for that pulsing glow cannot be burnt by fire.

When you walk past a homeless man who asks for change, if you stop and see him you’ll know if this is truly a desperate soul. And whether he is or isn’t, you’ll also know that you are him – that you bear his flaws and carry his sins. But just at the surface of temporal pain, not deep down where the sparks of souls flicker at a chance, an opportunity… at a hope to reconcile loneliness.

When you stand still and see the poised mastery of the trees hanging down, you’ll know that you’re being regarded. Just as our souls are incarnate witnesses of all this world, just as we create each other through our witnessing – we are being created by witnessing. And they’re such happy witnesses, they who have stood endlessly by us for as long as we humans have walked the earth. They’re watching us grow up, and all our things are but crushed dinosaur toys to them.

When we take a moment to truly regard that which comes our way, we gain a bit of primary information. And from information to gnosis, living life is a pathway that we are all called to. Know the truth before us, implement all things and circumstances into our truth, and when you walk with spirit you chance encountering the tranquility, majesty, and bliss of all that you are given. You may, perhaps, even get a glimpse of the giver.


By not having access to the secret architecture of life, by not having any kind of prior knowledge of our overall conscious or spiritual trajectory, we are compelled to focus instead on the living truth of whatever we find before us. We watch the compass needle move and we move with it. In so doing, we exercise the divinity of our freewill and we proceed with as much honor, heart, and gracefulness as we can.

Neil Kramer, The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation, p.25

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  1. Another good post, Matt! The importance of silence and reflection gets easily lost in the chaos of life. And, I agree – at some point we must put down the books and gain our own perspective on what we’ve learned.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you, Sandy! I spent a lot of time wandering in mental lands before understanding that they were merely distractions from the beauty of the place through which I really wandered; it’s easy to lose ourselves in concepts rather than using them.


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