Walking Yourself Home

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There is much to be done. Yet, although we must prepare this ground for the coming battle, there is much to enjoy in that preparation.

There are many things to attend to. Yet, although all these loose ends need tidying, each loose end is itself a chance to practice love and compassion as we gently tuck it back into the fabric of mind.

The people who appear and disappear seem to be needful – here one is suffering with illness, there one is struggling to provide for his loved ones. The events also seem to need reaction – this one seems an attack on our fortresses, that one seems to indicate an imminent shortage. Whenever we spend time in one area of our lives, the others seem neglected and dwindling. With these eyes, we always owe great debts to ourselves.

Yet, despite all these expectations and hopes and dreams, there is a great victory and beauty in this dawned new day. That blue sky is a brilliant cathedral ceiling. The trees clutch our hearts to their chests as they sway in the breezes. We have risen again – from the ashes of unconsciousness, we are reborn.

There is a great pressure and bustle in parenting, in business, in every human endeavor. Yet, in guiding a child, in building a business, in endeavoring after creative expression and productive fulfillment and excellence – nothing is accomplished unless our spirits give instruction to our lower minds.

This wonderful divide of mortality – the striving of ego and the utter fulfillment of spirit – is so exquisitely balanced. Today, let us take our striving and yearning minds by their little hands and go for a gentle walk in the fields of the Kingdom. Let us talk to them of constancy and persistence, of faith, and of patience.

Let us see how we are the immortals standing as guardians with ourselves, the flickering little mortals, helping them grow out of time. We must hang on when these little children, our little egos, want to run and build and fight. They want to play, but they think it’s a deadly serious business.

Our higher selves have grown past the desperate struggle, but surely we’ve not forgotten how to laugh and play? Let our center, this great stillness and bliss of pure spirit, guide these other little parts of ourselves without losing the perspective of the mountain. Let us show them how this journey is fun.

Just as you and I, dear heart, walk with each other a while on our way home – so too, you are walking yourself home. Please be a loving companion.

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