A Weekend Free of Should

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In the world of Should, every week you pay your dues and get your required work done. In that place, every weekend you move to all the unattended areas of your life and try to sustain them.

When you live there, you should eat better, you should earn more income, and you should spend less.

There’s three gravities there – you should spend time with your family, you should reserve time for yourself, and you should touch base with your friends.

There’s two modes there – you should find some time to relax and you should pursue independent interests and try new things.

Above all, in the world of Should, you should continuously reform yourself so that your visions and your future align.

Dropping Should For A Little While

This three-day weekend, how about abandoning all of that? I don’t mean abandoning your diet, your family, or your ambitions in life. I mean, how about this weekend you move out of the world of Should? Just for a little while.

Instead, this weekend how about you figure out and do what you Want instead?

That doesn’t mean obliging your addictions and it doesn’t mean abandoning your recovery. It doesn’t mean starting a new diet and it doesn’t mean gorging yourself to sickness at the buffet. It doesn’t mean any exact detail or specific course of action.

A weekend free of Should is a weekend where you sit down and actually pursue those things you really want to do instead of all those little maintenance tasks that easily take over life. It’s a weekend of paying attention to your attention.

A weekend free of Should is a weekend where you don’t have any pressure. Perhaps it’s a weekend of butterflies in fields and happy games of soccer with the children. My weekend will also have leisure reading instead of directed reading… even if my leisure reading has a bigger movement. No working on facades or striving for ascendance this weekend for you, if you abandon Should for a little while.

A weekend free of Should is a weekend where you follow a new guiding light.

Guiding Lights

When we let our true desire manifest into action – when we move out of willpower rather than out of habit – we’re following a guiding light.

And when we don’t, when we are consumed by the rut and habits and cycles, we also follow a guiding light. It’s just a different color.

One’s the brilliant light of your Personal Legend. It’s brilliant white tinged with the color of your vision, whatever that may be.

The other’s the murky darkness of stirred-up muck in an underground lake. The muck drowns out the feeble light and leaves you directionless, stranded into the grey unrecognizable.

Before you enter the long weekend, you might want to consciously pick a light.

As For Me?

I have no plans for the weekend. People are asking me what I’ll be doing, but I haven’t a clue. I’m going to take it as it comes.

I just finished rereading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho… that’s why I can clearly say your light of will is the light of your Personal Legend. If you don’t know much about that light, you should go out and pick up a copy to pick at over the weekend. It’s a beautiful book – and if it changed your life completely, you wouldn’t be the first one it so touched.

But one of my favorite books, completely outside the genre of happiness and spirituality, is The Shining. And I stumbled yesterday across Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s sequel to it! So I will be entirely unproductive spiritually this weekend, in terms of reading, you might think.

You’d be wrong if you thought that. My Personal Legend has to do with writing and Stephen King is part of that. The light of my Personal Legend has a reddish tinge, I suppose. Rubies glittering under the clear sea.

Whatever you do, whatever you really want. Just forget the Should and follow your heart this wonderful weekend. It’s as easy as looking up into the sky.


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2 Responses

  1. Just saw this post Matt. It’s such great advice! Even while on vacation in Tahoe, we started to schedule lots of planned activities; we should go for a hike, we should go kayaking, we should have a nice dinner. Toward the end of the week, we started just waking up and asking each day, What would we enjoy doing today? What a difference. I think I’m going to try your approach this weekend.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Sandy! Let me know how it goes – I know my weekend was much the better for dropping the plans and just moving with the waters of life. 🙂 Blessings.

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