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God the Father on a throne
Westphalia, Germany, late 15th century.
"Gottvater thronend Westfalen 15 Jh" - hampel-auctions.com.
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Let us consider ourselves well-employed.

We work for the largest agency possible, led by the very Creator and Foundation of all that exists.

For employment manuals and SOPs, we have holy scriptures and spiritual texts. For customers, we have every mortal thing – from the rock and the tree to the bird and the man. Every minute, we are given on-the-job training.

We are also given grace and blessings, and then asked to do what we can to merit them. We can never earn our pay – but we can demonstrate our gratitude by doing our best to learn how this business of working with light is done.

We are created to further the ends of creation. The Children of God are one way the Holy Work extends itself, when we work well.

Being well-employed, let us not get upset when our schedules and agendas are interrupted or our direction changes. This is a dynamic, expanding operation and the value of our work has nothing to do with individual accomplishments or landmarks. Let us allow our plans to be fully malleable and compliant to the Will of our Director.

Being well-employed, let us not work in collaboration with sick customers against our employer. Let no friend or family, colleague or mortal employer, illusion or selfishness contaminate what we’re doing here. Our mission of love and healing is to correct the mistakes that have caused illness, not to become ill ourselves. Let us honor our gifts and blessings by sharing them, and seek always the miracle.

Our Employer is always working, and He has an eternal open-door policy. At any time of day or night, and in any place, we can speak with Him through prayer. Likewise, we can listen to Him through meditation.

There can be no pride in accomplishment, for we are never done. There can be no pride in a busy schedule or a productive life, because our work schedules ebb and flow in accordance with a Higher Will. Each moment and each day, the agenda and customers change fluidly as we progress or digress in our ability. Each place and each journey, we are not told the outcome or destination but rather simply asked to travel with compassion.

All this – your whole life – is your great work. Every little question of budget management, resource allocation, scheduling, collaboration, priorities, and leadership matters – but not in the sense that you are a success as judged by the customers, no. Rather, in the sense that you have yielded to the Will of the One and done your very best work for the Kingdom. There is magic in the green fields and watery depths, but also in the grocery store and at the kitchen counter. Nothing here is outside the scope of our employment – nothing here is forbidden the wonder of the miracle.

Let us all be fully satisfied with a day of hard labor and service: this is both the seed and the fruit.

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