Wisdom To Know The Difference

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"Holy Wisdom (1812, Russian museum)"
by Anonymous - john-petrov.livejournal.com.
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

The Serenity Prayer

It’s not always easy, when lost in the ongoing struggle between ego and spirit, to know the difference between the things you can change and the things you can’t. Once you know the difference, the serenity and courage are inevitable (but perhaps long-term) outcomes.

But everything you seek depends on this. Happiness arises from proper discernment between that which comes from the separation (which is what you can change) and that which comes from eternal love (which is what you can’t). And at root, this is the very problem of life in a nutshell – because nobody would knowingly choose the separation while being able to fully perceive it. So how to see?

Begin With Thoughts

The world arises in your perception largely out of your belief system. Your thoughts drive your emotional states, your physical states, and the very flow of events that occur around you. Pain is inevitable, but suffering arises from optional dark thoughts of attachment, fear, and desire.

The ability to even perceive your thoughts as something separate from you is acquired through meditation. All wisdom starts, therefore, with meditation.

Once you can perceive your thoughts, you then have the choice to believe your thoughts or not. Your choice for each thought – whether you tag it with that mortal flag of “truth” that is so puny and irrelevant against the mighty Truth of God – is the wind that makes the shifting dust you perceive take on tangible form. Without any choice at all (just passive observation of thought), all becomes a glittering river of creation and you bloom in immediacy.

Yet, no choice at all is still a choice. Operating in mindfulness, affirmative positivity, or bleak habitual response are all modes of approach and choices of the world. Beginning with meditation, choose to make no choice and seek the world as it is – and then you will know what “things” there truly are to change or not change.

Move to Identification

Then change the framework of perspective. Drop the personal, local “I” – the ego – in favor of the broadest possible center of focus. The stories of the media no longer factor. The structures of recommended approach no longer matter. Instead, work out of the basis of the river of creation – all that you perceive is you. You are your family, your friends, your work environment, your colleagues, and the strangers you see on the street. You are the sidewalk, the trees, the clouds, the birds. From this bigger “I”, then ask “how am I deviating from Holy Love?”

Working to correct all mistakes and blindness from the happy perspective of the infinite localization of God that you are – purifying away all choices of empire that have caused the separation – you will know the “how” of the changes that you can make.

Finish with Higher Will

Perhaps you long ago decided that some particular way of working or living was the best way to be, but have not found peace and happiness in that path. If that’s you, drop the long-ago decision and the cage that arose from it. Return to stillness and wait for guidance.

Or perhaps you feel called to a particular way of working or living through prayer and circumstance, but have not found peace and happiness in that path. If that’s you, drop the desire for peace and happiness as you decide in great faith to drink from your Father’s cup. For local, temporary peace and happiness are not always the best way for Him to correct His erring children – yet the ultimate outcome of all that correction is much bigger peace and happiness.

May all beings find their way back into the fountain of love, dear hearts.

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