Withdrawing Belief

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Incubus, coloured aquatint, 1870
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Duality is immensely useful as a teaching device.

It is helpful to acknowledge that you have two teachers – your ego and spirit. Your ego, that lower mind, is a terrible teacher that has taught you immense variation, life goals, triviality, competitiveness, and fear. Your spirit, that higher mind, reminds you of the ethereal truth that you’ve always known – simplicity, acceptance, holiness, friendliness, and love. From the two teachers arise all other duality.

We can find our way out of the darkness and into the light by listening to spirit. To do this, though, we must first accept a duality of darkness and light.

We can find our way out of depression and anxiety, and return to joy, by listening to spirit. To do this, though, we must believe that both negativity and positivity exist.

We can even awaken from our dream, find our way from maya to enlightenment, by listening to that holy counsel. But first we must discover we’ve been dreaming and know that dreaming is different than being awakened.

Yet, the two teachers are in fact nothing more than truth and untruth. Spirit, holiness, peace, and love – those are the truth. Their “opposites” are fabrications. The second teacher, that lower mind, ego – that itself does not exist. It is a mistaken belief only, blurry vision.

Once we’ve established our practice and all the infinite variety and complexity is simplified down into duality, there comes a time for withdrawing belief in falseness.

We vanquish darkness first by choosing light, by looking through the veil at the infinite glory. Then we see that darkness has never existed, we withdraw our belief in it, and there is only holiness.

We first move out of depression and anxiety, then realize it was suffering caused by clinging to the unreal – for nothing that truly exists arises and subsides. We first awaken from the dream, then it never was.

Withdrawing belief from the ego, allowing that teacher to subside, comes inevitably to all of us in time. Yet, we can choose freedom earlier – right here, right now we can let the light drive out the darkness. With it goes the difference between the self and the other. With it goes the difference between time and eternity. When we are free, there is no difference between the parts and the whole. When we are free, there is no difference between the Children of God and God Himself.

With belief in duality, there appear to be many with faith in death, insufficiency, and fear. There are many with faith only in physicality and time. Others have abandoned the teachings of ego, have chosen to have faith instead in the long journey of discovery and healing through spirit, and that’s wonderful.

Without belief in duality, there are no longer many – just One. And He has faith only in love, He is unstained, and He is healed. He is already home. We are He.


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