Within God, Man Unfolding

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Rembrandt, 1636
"Rembrandt van Rijn 192" by Rembrandt
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Looking around in the world, we perceive that which is within us. This sublime truth is difficult (or impossible) to fully articulate, but it’s easy to act on and confirm. Dwell within yourself for a while in meditation, and the world you behold is refreshed when you narrow your consciousness back to it. Spend time in prayer and gratitude, and the scales of darkness are peeled back from your eyes so that you may behold the subtle radiance in all things.

From the singing birds to the humble stones, from the praying trees to these kind people who wander in and out of our lives, we can see God unfolding everywhere. His “mode of being” is Love; seeing unselfish, simple compassion is beholding the embodiment of grace within His children. But there is yet more to this astounding magic and mystery.

Just as God unfolds within you, you unfold within God. Man unfolding is creation – His human children unfold as they are created.

The sublimest perfection of this relationship is Jesus the man, who perfected his humanity as obedience, compassion, and faith. The man unfolded fully within God just as God unfolded within him, and now through Jesus the Son we may know God unfolding within us. The meaning of this profound sacrifice is Love perfectly unfolded. But that must be a late realization for us, because this truth of man unfolding within God can’t be understood through culture or the interpretation of preachers and study groups.

The truth is not available in handy quotes on social media or obtainable through any plan of spiritual progress. It can’t be drawn or written, it’s beyond any image or language. Only by unfolding within God may you really see it, and most spiritual traditions point the way. Abandon your dream that you control your life, and instead attend to your life lessons. Abandon the idea of worldly security, leave behind the concept that your thoughts and feelings are more meaningful than the winds that caress your face or rains that soak your clothes. These transitions of form arise and subside, endlessly. Even the staggering beauty you can behold in the world is but a finger pointing at the moon.

After you abandon yourself, the truth can be gotten at with constancy: dedicate yourself to Love. Seek to be a man unfolding by re-dedicating yourself continuously to loving all beings, being grateful and satisfied again and again for all these gifts you are given, and always avoiding causing harm or suffering.

Each time you act in Love, the layers of false self are stripped away and the man unfolds a little more in God. And just so, as Love is made manifest, God unfolds within man and you become ever more aware of the immediate, profound, amazing Presence within you and all the world.

What else is the unfolding of the world, this endless carousel of experience you are awoken to each day, than your amazing creation? With each context we are given that we successfully meet with a kind word and smile, we become a little more real.

May your unfolding be wondrous and lovely, dear heart.

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