The Work of Programming Life

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The work of programming life is similar to the work of programming anything else. We create routines to respond to the inputs of the world and life as we know them, and as we grow we continuously revise those routines. The routines are themselves limited automatic reactions of our consciousnesses, so all growth discards old limitations and creates new ones.

The best programs are simple and clear of focus, and so it is with us. Much growth is the discarding of functions that we as people do not need to perform. Cleansing our egos unveils the Holy Spirit within us, the eternal and divine Witness that is an eye of God.


We are indoctrinated with limitations and narrow thinking, no matter who are parents are. To grow beyond a shadow of our forefathers, we must clearly see those limitations and move beyond them. Therefore, I daily look for inspirations so that I can identify and overcome particular artificial boundaries within myself. This is not about creating idle dreams of what I might become. This is about surpassing myself in the here and now. I look to others to know myself and elevate my internal horizon.


With my elevated horizon, I intentionally set about cleansing my mind, body, and soul of all negative thinking and routines that suppress me. Whether this be received and implemented by my subconscious or some fabric of the universe is irrelevant. I meditate to quiet my internal dialogue, bringing to bear positive affirmations in the work of unveiling my soul, growing closer to God, and unifying my intention and my belief to create single-pointed mindfulness of the present moment.

Intellectual Knowledge

With that clarity, I then look for specific methods of improving myself in mind, body, or spirit. Many have trod the path of improvement before me, and there’s no need for me to do all my wandering alone or re-imagine all approaches to ascendance in this life.

Remaining in the World

Finally, as I walk the path of improvement armed with belief, intention, and worldly knowledge, I look to my extended tribe to share this journey of life. My well-being is dependent on the well-being of my brothers and sisters, and there is no ascendance achieved isolated in a cave.

Keep on keeping on,

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