Working on Tomorrow’s List

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tomorrow's list - programming life
Star trails in Bogë
By Bleron Çaka (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In your attempts to better yourself and further your career, to provide a home for your family, to achieve creative breakthrough and find connection, it is far better that you work on tomorrow’s list than today’s.

Today has its list, without a doubt. But much of what you have there doesn’t belong. Tear away that which can be done tomorrow from today. Do what remains soon, and do it tenderly, mindfully, lovingly. Today’s list is nearly always a trifling thing, a tiny creature once the attachments and angry voices of ego are soothed away. The beings in your life, human and otherwise, need food, care, and love. Wounds need cleaning, and it cannot wait. Accomplish today early.

Tomorrow’s list is a strange combination of ego-desires, creative inspirations, and counter-measures against the forces of fear. It is otherworldly; everything in it is removed from the creature necessities of life and the mindfulness of today. The shadow of an illusion! Tomorrow’s list is a fabrication arising out of our conjuring of tomorrow.

How strange it is that so many people thoroughly enjoy video games but have immense stress regarding the game they have fabricated into this world.

To create tomorrow’s list is to recover the birds’ songs and the sighing of the grasses today, and to work on tomorrow’s list is to play the game you have created while acknowledging that you created it. Tenderly, mindfully, lovingly pursue the circumstances, people, and objects you have placed on your inner altar – but do it playfully, making a grand adventure out of the life you’ve chosen and been given. Do it knowing that the circumstances, people, and objects are aspects and attributes of the game, and nothing more.

Above all, do not confuse tomorrow’s list with today’s – that is a great source of suffering.

All the forms are transitory, shifting masks for the subtle essence of Love. Tomorrow’s list is a dance you take with the Beloved, your voice in the choir of eternity, and the movement of markers on a map that is constantly redrawn. It does not help the Children of God to play our games with deadly seriousness.

Do what must be done and play a little Tomorrow’s List, but do not spend entire days on trivialities. The birds’ songs and green fields await! Spend abundant time with your loved ones and creative pursuits. For the day creeps ever closer into night, and soon enough you’ll be called back home.

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