The World is a Campfire

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All this world is a thriving, crackling campfire. We are the tribe gathered round, staring into the flames and talking about matters of the heart. All material things are the burning pieces of wood being consumed by the fire of time, but they are not us.

There are not many in the tribe, although the firelight gives us each a million faces as it sputters and flares. Gathered here are Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha, but no less notable are your grandfather and daughter. We are a small host sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Do you wish you could hug your grandfather again? Mine passed many years ago, and I do. But he’s that tired old man I passed walking along the street, that unbound teenager kicking ball next door, and that peaceful client who I only speak to once every couple of months. I don’t need to miss him, I could hug him. You can too. He’s here.

Do you wish you could behold Jesus and regain the divine light that you beheld when you were first Created? He’s here too. He’s that woman giving birth, He’s that preacher who is letting the Holy Wind blow through him, and He’s you when you hit rock bottom and still believe. You can comfort Him in his crucifixion and be comforted by Him in his resurrection any day.

Your spouse is many people. Your child is many. You are many. Don’t deny the love you feel to the parts of your loved ones that appear differently just because the fire casts a different light on them.

There are only a few of us and we are always together. We are the gathered Sonship of God. This conversation is happening in One Mind.

The world is a campfire that burns through your nights and days. When you stare too deeply into the flames, all your vision is darkened and you can sense no other light. But if you look up and return into the conversation of the tribe, your vision clears and the campfire becomes a little thing in the glorious light of day. For God does not ebb and flow, and it is only your vision that arises and subsides.

We of the tribe cut the wood and feed the fire. There’s terror and beauty both in the flames. It is not wrong that we do so, it is only sad when we care only for the fire. The ones you love are always with you, always wanting to continue the conversation. The fire is just our gathering point.

Today, look up and smile.


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