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Last night, I didn’t go to bed at the usual time. I’d drunk coffee too late to be restful and idle wakefulness poked at me despite my tiredness. I felt arthritic aches in my joints, so I stepped outside with my tablet to read up on anti-inflammatory diets.

I skimmed the first Internet article I found, turned off the tablet, and opened up the book I’m reading instead. There’s far more truth for me to discover in this Paulo Coelho book than in some dreary dietitian’s synopsis.

There’s no point for me to read up on anti-inflammatory diets. A skimming of a single article is enough to already confirm what I perceived before – my recent pattern of quick-fix foods is to blame, with all the processed crap that means. Although I don’t eat meat because I’ve come to recognize that consuming meat is consuming the violence and oppression that the factory-farmed animals endure, I haven’t been eating spiritually. I’ve been abusing my body by seeking ease and flavor over the abundant vibrant health of simple garden eating. I was aware of it but made excuses, let it continue as a bad habit… I don’t need any more intellectual knowledge of the problem or the solution. I already know.

I just haven’t embraced that inner wisdom and acted on what spirit was telling me. So my body is waving flags to draw attention to my inaction and my excuses. It’s calling me back to my path.

The truth is that, for most of your problems and dreams, you already know what you need to do.

Intellectual knowledge is a useful thing, but it’s also an excuse after a certain point of research and intuition. We get caught up in a cycle of doing more research, digging deeper and becoming more knowledgeable without taking action. We think and think, but never interrupt the ugly little circle of bad habits.

You have no wisdom if you have the knowledge but do not live it. Even when the knowledge rises up from spiritual sensibility, as it was with me and my recent distance from the garden abundance of Mother Earth, it is useless if it is not lived.

Have you been thinking of writing, making notes and sketching outlines, but haven’t yet started the great exploration of self that is pen on paper? Or painting? Or starting a business? Or taking a trip? Or even just emptying out your house, getting rid of the possessions that no longer serve you and instead act as weights on your mind? Or looking for love? Looking for friendship?

You already know everything you need to know. It’s time to step into your truth.

Life is an enchanting mystery of grace. All things that abound about us, that arise and subside, are the rippling waters of grace. The blessing is that life, or the universe, or God – whatever you choose to call the intelligence behind this current solidification of all possibility – doesn’t just send you a message and let it be.

Life follows up. You’ll get reminders in the form of bodily aches, conditions that you perceive in the world and others around you, and in the apparent synchronicity of all things.

If not now, eventually you’ll perceive that you should make a pilgrimage of some kind – perhaps an inner journey, perhaps an outer one. You might dismiss it with excuses you make based on your perception of yourself – your ego, your sense of security in your identity. If you do, life will follow up with recurring stories of people who make trips, random brochures for your necessary type of travel skittering across the street, and fumbling awkwardness as you pursue your excuses. Life will keep following up until you make that pilgrimage.

We are blessed pilgrims in an ocean of grace, given opportunity after opportunity to get it right and continue our life journeys.

But you already know that, of course.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Great insight, Matt and it’s so true. We already know what we need to do and life is trying to help us see it and take action on it. I resisted things for a long time and it turns out, it was because I was afraid of success. Looking back on it, it seems strange to be afraid of success but now it makes complete sense. Good luck in getting back to your healthier eating habits. 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Thank you! Yes, nearly all resistance and immobility comes out of fear, and that fear from ego. Our task, it seems to me, is not to become free from fear – but rather, to break free again and again, just as we return to center again and again in meditation. Blessings, and thanks for reading, dear Sandy.

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